Hello, science teachers and students!

Here are a selection of apps I've designed for my teaching. Some of them based on simulations that I used to love but went offline years ago. Many of them I designed specifically for the way I teach topics based on the Ontario science curriculum. You can use them as demonstrations with a projector and/or interactive whiteboard. Many of them work well for inquiry activities so students can use them on their own laptops or in the school computer labs.

They are downloadable .jar files and you will need to install the Java Development Kit before you can run them. Instructions to do that, and to run them on your computer, are HERE.

Clicking on the images below will download the .jar file which can be opened simply by clicking on it, once the Java kit is installed. Each image also has a link to a .PDF file with instructions.

Many of them also have Android app downloads. If you are viewing this from an Android device, click that link to download the simulation to your phone. With the right software (e.g. Windows Connect) you can tether the mobile screen to your computer and control the simulation from your phone.

If you are a student or teacher and have found them useful, please email me on the contact page, introduce yourself, and let me know which simulations you found most useful or how you used them. I would love to hear from you.